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Сhemical experiments for students: Science is a fun way to give your children an opportunity to exercise their brains as well as to award them the gift of education at an early age. In the short term, I believe that carrying out simple science experiments is the most practical way, not only to give your child an hour or two of fun but also, to give yourself a break from paying the bills and working all the hours you possibly can. When it comes to science, there is countless ways to experience the importance of science, from chemical reaction experiments to studying the way the human body is and the importance of healthy living. This blog post, I am going to give you 3 cool science activities you can do with your child or your students. 

#1 Make a Volcano Using Vinegar

One of the most amazing science experiments for kids is to see things expanding, sometimes exploding but there are obvious safety precautions and health concerns, and what better way to experience these reactions than to make a homemade volcano?

To carry this out, you only need 3 things, 4 if you want to anticipate the inevitable mess that will follow; Baking soda, Vinegar, and a box or container to hold everything in in order to limit the mess and thus cancelling out the potential fourth piece of equipment, a paper towel. 

If you want to make this as like a volcanic eruption then use a bottle or a cup, if not then the container will do just fine. If you want to take things even further, you and your child could craft a model of a volcano together. 

The instructions are simple, pop some baking soda into the container or bottle, followed by some vinegar. Then leave it for a moment and the reaction will occur, leaving you with a sense of excitement and worry as you see, before your very own eyes, a potential Pompeii-like situation occur. 

Only Joking! 

What you will witness is the sodium bicarbonate in the baking soda acting as a base whilst the acetic acid in the vinegar mingles with the base and thus forming carbonic acid, a very reactive substance. When carbonic acid is formed, it instantly deforms and separates into water and carbon dioxide and this one creates the fizzing. 

#2 Place a Mentos in Diet Coke

Staying on the theme or geography, the simple and well-known eruption you can do within seconds is the diet coke and Mentos reaction.

A straightforward and simple experiment to perform outside, as there is the certainty of diet coke going everywhere, and with only two pieces of equipment:

– Diet coke

– Mentos

All you have to do is place the Mentos in the bottle of Diet Coke and watch the inevitable geyser-like reaction take place. The chemical reaction involves the carbon dioxide in the bottle which is trapped escapes when the lid is opened and when your pour it. The Mentos makes the process occur at a much quicker rate. For instance, when you pour the diet coke into a glass at a normal rate, you have to pause for a moment and wait for the bubbles to reduce. This reaction takes place in this experiment but at a much more intense rate and thus leaving you with the benefit of hours of entertainment, as well as the expense of purchasing countless bottles of diet coke. 

#3 Tornado in a Bottle

The final example involves another simple method with very few household items. It is one of the most fascinating and simple chemistry experiments in this blog. 

The equipment you will need is water, a clear plastic bottle, some glitter, and washing up liquid. Fill the bottle 75% full with water and some glitter a little of the washing up liquid. Pop the bottle top onto the bottle and turn the bottle upside down to begin the spinning motion for a few seconds, this is what is going to cause the tornado like image. 

Sometimes, this experiment takes a few tries to get it to occur, but when it does, it will become an amazing science experiment that your child may do. 

There you have it, 3 simple chemistry experiments you and your child, or your students, can do in the comfort of your classroom and house. These chemistry science projects offer a child a first step into a future of unknown potential within the science industry. Making these cool science activities may determine your child’s interest when it comes to choosing a career. Just delve deeper in the world of simple and easy science projects that may lead your child towards the stardom that was achieved by the likes of Marie Curie and Alfred Noble. If you need a helping hand writing the reports when your child or students get a little more advanced, then check out samedaypapers and the services they can offer.

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