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BioChem Adda is an international career info portal dedicated to BioChemical Sciences. We make job seekers’ lives easier by connecting them with a wealth of career opportunities in academia and biotech industries. At the same time, we also offer academic institutions and biotech industries across the world the possibility to use our niche-focused network to discover the best candidates.


The BioChemAdda.com web portal was started by keeping in mind the needs of aspirants from the field of BioChemical Sciences. The BioChemAdda team is located in Mishawaka (IN, USA) and Ahmednagar (Maharashtra, India). This website was created and designed on May 15th, 2016.

Are you among those groups of students and job seekers, or do you just belong to a community that desires and seeks to engage in BioChemical sciences? Well, through this site, you will be able to explore various career opportunities from the field of BioChemical sciences, as well as getting notified through our V.I.P newsletter about events (conferences, seminars, and webinars), news, admissions, jobs, and funding opportunities available across the globe.

Growing network

BioChemAdda.com runs the world’s fastest growing career and educational information portal dedicated to Biosciences and Chemistry field.

BioChemAdda.com runs the world’s fastest growing career and educational information portal dedicated to the Biological and Chemical Sciences.

Are you a job seeker who is inspired and fascinated to devote your time in academia, or are you interested in joining the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries? Then you have come to the right place. All you need to do is just surf this website and get informed about various opportunities available in these fields.

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Through this portal, we provide an opportunity for academicians, professionals, and the public to interrelate and diminish the knowledge gap. We welcome you all to BioChem Adda Portal to be part of the BioChemical Science community.

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Note: All the information posted on BioChemAdda.com is gathered from different sources for helping Biosciences and Chemistry candidates.

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About our Team

Seema Chaudhary (Singh) is the co-founder and has an M. Tech. Degree in Biotechnology. She has been blogging since 2015 & post about various career and job opportunities from the field of Life Sciences and Chemistry.

Naveen K Singh is the co-founder and has a Ph.D. in BioChemical Engineering from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. He started blogging out of his enthusiasms for learning & sharing knowledge related to numerous opportunities in the field of Biotechnology. In early 2009, he got to know about blogs & it took him about three months to start his first career blog (Navin K BioTech) using BlogSpot platform. He eventually renamed the blog as K BioSciences (2010) and ultimately to BioChem Adda (2016). He holds his passion for BioChemical Engineering and likes to connect with the professionals in different fields for constantly evaluating the future of Bio-Entrepreneurship.

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