Biotechnology Jobs | Associate Product Manager @ Elucidata: Elucidata is building a platform for drug discovery. This platform will host proprietary and open-source apps used by scientists looking for a new drug. Our platform will be used at premier biopharma companies and academic labs – like Pfizer, Agios & Yale University.

You will:

  • Gather requirements from our partners & translate them for dev and design teams
  • Manage overall product development process
  • Communicate with partners/users
  • Coordinate communication between dev, design, product, users & research teams
  • Create material for public communication around the platform

BioChem Adda Exclusive

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Background in biotechnology or computational biology or biosciences or a similar field.
  • Impressive written and verbal communication skills.
  • Demonstrated experience in working in and managing teams. Experience in college will also be valued.
  • Ability to read research papers to understand algorithms.
  • Good analytical ability

How to Apply:

Please forward your resume/cv to madhuri.sandur @

Please click on the link mentioned below:

Biotechnology Jobs | Associate Product Manager @ Elucidata

Elucidata empowers scientists trying to find cures for world’s deadliest diseases. We create products, algorithms, and visualizations that will make data driven workflows the default in medicine research. Our partners include world’s most innovative biotech companies and academic labs. Our team draws from varied backgrounds such as computational biology, mathematics, technology, engineering & design from leading universities such as MIT and IITs.

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