AutoImmunity PostDoc Position Available @ Basel University Switzerland: PostDoc Position in Autoimmunity
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is the archetype of an autoimmune disease in which complement C1q, the first component of the classical pathway, seems to play a central role. Autoantibodies against complement C1q (anti-C1q) have been shown to be associated with severe nephritis and disease activity in patients with SLE, and experimental studies suggest a direct pathogenic role of this antibody.

AutoImmunity PostDoc Position Available @ Basel University Switzerland

The project
The project aims to elucidate mechanisms leading to the production of anti-C1q in in vivo mouse models. The position is available by Summer 2018.

Your position

  • Planning, design and evaluation of experiments including mouse experimentation
  • Advise for PhD students in the group

Your profile

  • The applicant must have experience in immunology and with in vivo models (at least LTK1 or equivalent FELASA accredited certificate), ideally also in molecular biology.
  • She/He should be interested to independently learn and establish laboratory techniques.

We offer you

  • Responsible and versatile tasks in a translational research group located at the Department of Biomedicine, Hebelstrasse 20.
  • PostDoc position for 2-3 years.

Inquiries and applications to
Prof. Dr. Marten Trendelenburg
Labor für Klinische Immunologie
c/o Klinik für Innere Medizin
Universitätsspital Basel
Petersgraben 4
CH – 4031 Basel
[email protected]

AutoImmunity PostDoc Position Available @ Basel University Switzerland

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