Cancer Biology PhD Student Position @ Ghent University Belgium:

PhD student interested in cancer biology – epigenetics – mouse models and computational biology

Last application date: Apr 30, 2018 23:55

Department:GE02 – Department of Pediatrics and medical genetics

Contract: Limited duration

Degree: Master Bioengineering

Occupancy rate: 100%

Vacancy Type: Research staff

Cancer Biology PhD Student Position @ Ghent University Belgium

Job description
The lab of Prof Pieter Van Vlierberghe is interested in the molecular biology of childhood leukemia. Currently, we are looking for a PhD student that wants to work on a project that aims to decipher the role of the epigenetic regulator LEDGF/PSIP1 in the pathogenesis of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Initial observations suggest that LEDGF might act as a tumor suppressor in the biology of this disease. The candidate will use a conditional Ledgf/Psip1 knockout mouse model to study the role of this epigenetic regulator during malignant T cell transformation in vivo. In addition, epigenetic profiling of mouse and human leukemia cell lines will be used to decipher the molecular mechanism by which LEDGF contributes to leukemogenesis.

Profile of the candidate

  • Candidates should have a master degree in bio-engineering.
  • Interest, affinity and ideally previous experience in computational biology/bio-informatic analysis of sequencing data sets during master thesis
  • Broad interest in Epigenetics and Cancer Biology

How to apply
For further information or to apply (include motivation letter, curriculum vitae with study results and contact information of potential referees), please contact : Prof. Dr. Pieter Van Vlierberghe (E-mail: [email protected])

Cancer Biology PhD Student Position @ Ghent University Belgium

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