Faculty Position’s Available @ NCCS Pune India: National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS), Pune, INDIA, is an autonomous institution aided by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), New Delhi. NCCS is reputed for combining high quality services with outstanding research. The services offered by NCCS include cell line establishment, maintenance and distribution to researchers. Principal research themes encompass diverse areas in modern Cell Biology, including Cell Organization & Function, Genome Architecture & Regulation, Regulatory RNAs & Gene Expression, Macromolecular Structure & Cell Function, Stem Cells & Regeneration, Biology of Cancer & Other Diseases, Pathogenesis & Cellular Response, and Microbial Ecology. Research at NCCS has been acknowledged to be among the best in the country as evidenced by a large number of high-impact and well-cited publications, and a faculty that has achieved some of the highest “h” indices in the country. We encourage interested candidates to visit the NCCS web site (www.nccs.res.in) for details regarding the institute’s activities.

NCCS is strategically located on the University of Pune campus, which has a long and distinguished history of contributions to the modern Indian society. The NCCS faculty is recognized for supervising Ph.D. students registered with the University of Pune, with which it shares a strong relationship. Consequently, NCCS attracts some of the best students in the country every year for pursuing their PhD.

NCCS is currently keen on recruiting young faculty. Although applications are invited in all areas of modern cell biology, we are especially interested in recruiting faculty whose research deals with deciphering the functions of non-coding RNA in cell biology and those who are exploring the fundamental &/or translational aspects of induced pluripotent stem cells.

The applicants for faculty positions should be Ph.D.-holders, with a passion for research, an outstanding academic record and potential to excel in the chosen area of research, which may span any area of cutting-edge modern biology. In support of continuing innovation at NCCS, the research interests of a candidate need not be restricted to the current research areas at NCCS listed above, but could complement them through integration with diverse fields, including physics of complex systems, systems and synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, behavioural and cellular neurosciences, computational and statistical genomics, mathematical modelling, chemical biology and biomedical instrumentation. The Centre recognizes that development of interdisciplinary approaches is critical for the growth of modern cell biology and encourages candidates with a degree in Engineering (Ph.D.) or Medicine (MD/Ph.D./equivalent degree), or from other branches of natural sciences such as Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics to apply as well.

Sending an Application:(Please include page numbers and your name on every page) 

  1. A covering letter addressed to the Director should be sent as a pdf file to: [email protected]
  2. In addition to a covering letter, an application should comprise:
    A brief curriculum vitae, which includes: 
    • Area(s) of expertise
    • List of publications
    • Names & current contact information of at least 3 references**, clearly mentioning in what capacity they know you [applicants are encouraged to include their present and previous supervisor(s) and advisor(s) 
      ** Note: The applicant’s research proposal will be sent to the references, with a request for their feedback on the same.
    • A 1-2 page research proposal sent as a SEPARATE pdf file.This research proposal should clearly outline short-term as well as long-term goals and plans for the research to be carried out by the applicant at NCCS. The proposal should also indicate how the applicant’s expertise and proposed research will complement the present expertise at NCCS and how the latter would benefit the applicant in attaining his/her research goals.

  3. Please Note:
    a)Applications for faculty positions that are sent to any other email address may not be screened.
    b)Applications for faculty positions that are incomplete &/or do not meet the minimum requirements will be rejected. 
    c)Please DO NOT send applications for advertised NON-faculty positions to the above-mentioned email – they will be rejected and no further communication will be entertained. 
    d)Please DO NOT send open-ended “blind” applications and enquiries for non-specific, unadvertised positions to the above-mentioned email – no communication will be entertained. 

The Recruitment Procedure

  • Applications are first screened based on academic capabilities, relevance to the vision of NCCS and potential to excel as judged by experience, high quality publications and soundness of the research proposal.
  • References of applicants thus short-listed are then contacted for recommendations requested in the NCCS format, which includes a feedback about the applicant’s research proposal.
  • Promising applicants who are further short-listed based on these recommendations, are then invited to spend a day at NCCS, during which they present their work and interact with the faculty and students.
  • The final selection is done by a selection committee comprising of experts at the national level.
  • Faculty Position’s Available @ NCCS Pune India

View Original Notification: http://www.nccs.res.in/index.php/Careers/Faculty

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