Gene Biotechnology PhD Student Rice Defense Requirement @ Ghent University Belgium:

PhD student rice defense
Last application date: Jul 02, 2018 15:28

Department: LA25 – Department of BiotechnologyContractLimited duration

Degree: Master in Bioscience Engineering, Cell & Gene biotechnology, Master in Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Master in Plant Science, or equivalent

Occupancy rate: 100%

Vacancy Type: Research staff

Gene Biotechnology PhD Student Rice Defense Requirement @ Ghent University Belgium
Job description

The department Biotechnology of Ghent University is looking for a full time PhD candidate (4 year contract) in the frame of an FWO-project “Salicylic acid biosynthesis in rice and how nematodes interfere with this defense pathway.”

Your task is to perform gene editing (CRISPR-Cas) in rice to inactivate specific genes in the biosynthesis of salicylic acid. There are two possible biosynthesis pathways, via isochorismate or via phenylalanine, and it is not clear which of these, or both are important in rice defense to pathogens. The obtained mutants will be characterized at the biochemical, molecular and phenotypic level such as testing their response to infection by nematodes or leaf pathogens. It has also been shown that fungal pathogens and postulated for nematodes that they try to interfere with this pathway by the secretion of effector proteins such as chorismate mutase. In nematodes we have, besides chorismate mutase, also identified an isochorismatase that could be involved in lowering the salicylic acid level in a successful nematode infection. Your research will unravel the importance of both pathways leading to salicylic acid in defense of rice and will analyze how nematodes interfere with salicylic acid biosynthesis to facilitate infection.

Besides the experimental work, you will also follow up the scientific literature, write scientific papers and participate in (inter)national scientific conferences.

Profile of the candidate
To execute this FWO project we are looking for a candidate with a general interest in plant-pathogen interactions, plant physiology and molecular biology, with a critical and scientific mind and a capacity for independent work.
Students that graduate in July 2018 can also apply for this position.
We offer a multidisciplinary and challenging project in a pleasant international research environment.

How to apply
If you are interested in this position, mail:

your CV (including study results, thesis research topic and contact information of possible referee persons) with
a motivation letter
at the latest on July 2nd to [email protected].

Interviews are planned between 4 and 14 July and if necessary 13-17 August 2018.

Gene Biotechnology PhD Student Rice Defense Requirement @ Ghent University Belgium

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