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Germplasm RS - Microalgal Biotechnology Job @ Reliance Industries: Desired candidate will have a Ph.D. degree in Microalga Biotech. Microbiology............

Germplasm RS – Microalgal Biotechnology Job @ Reliance Industries

Germplasm RS – Microalgal Biotechnology Job @ Reliance Industries: The Reliance Group is India’s largest private sector enterprise, with businesses in the energy and materials value chain. Group’s annual revenues are in excess of US$ 73bn. The flagship company, Reliance Industries Limited, is a Fortune Global 114 company and is the largest private sector company in India. Backward vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Reliance. Starting with textiles in the late seventies, Reliance pursued a strategy of backward vertical integration – in polyester, fibre intermediates, plastics, petrochemicals, petroleum refining and oil and gas exploration and production – to be fully integrated along the materials and energy value chain.

The Group’s activities span exploration and production of oil and gas, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals (polyester, fibre intermediates, plastics and chemicals), textiles, retail, infotel and special economic zones.

Reliance enjoys global leadership in its businesses, being the largest polyester yarn and fibre producer in the world and among the top five to ten producers in the world of major petrochemical products. Major Group Companies are Reliance Industries Limited, including its subsidiaries and Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited.

Germplasm RS – Microalgal Biotechnology Job @ Reliance Industries

Short Description: Ensure completion of experiments and generate accurate and reproducible data from experiments/Develop relevant models and validation of the same.

Long Description

Job Accountabilities

  • To generate scientific/technical data  , using established systems, procedures and protocols
  • Develop new systems and methods and tools
  • May have responsibility for providing other individuals with instructions and guidance to complete tasks which have been assigned
  • Performs part of a key activity using fairly routine activities within a specified work program varying the approach taken as the precise nature of the work output varies
  • Working independently carry out work to required standards to a plan agreed with supervisor and using known and novel procedures
  • Apply knowledge and experience to recognise problems and work with supervisor in finding solutions; advise supervisor of any backlogs and on likely timescales
  • Using basic, established, local methods and techniques, find information for advising or discussing with supervisor
  • Compliance with HSE requirements and suggest improvements in own work area
  • Provide advice/guidance on practical or technical issues to less experienced staff
  • Report to manager on progress and completion of an activity on an agreed (possibly daily) basis
  • Settle straightforward /minor problems or complaints within agreed limits
  • Review the priorities of outstanding tasks for self and others and amend as necessary.
  • Exchange information with internal and external contacts and be able to judge when to pass on to others

Skills Required (Knowledge and Skills)


  • The incumbent is expected to have basic microbiology/phycology knowledge. Thorough knowledge and experience in handling microbes and troubleshooting of biochemical, analytical related problems. Working knowledge of MS Word, Excel & Power point is required. Basic statistics knowledge is desirable.

Skills (Germplasm RS – Microalgal Biotechnology Job @ Reliance Industries):

  1. Designing, conducting experiments in lab & outdoors, samples collection, basic statistical analysis of data, effective oral presentation and report writing.
  2. Estimation of Lipid, Protein, carbohydrates, Total organic Carbon, Total Nitrogen, Phosphates of microbial organisms.
  3. Handling of basic instruments like spectrophotometer, pH meter and centrifuges.
  4. Handling of GC-MS, HPLC, FTIR  and LCMS instruments and data interpretations
  5. Trouble shooting of  pilot and large scale or outdoor cultivation  of microbial organisms
  6. Should have conceptual, systematic and working knowledge in areas of cultivation, biochemical, physiology of microalgae and other related microorganisms.
  7. Good lab practices and safety
  • Understand & follow SOPs and perform routine assays
  • Good scientific writing skills and oral presentation
  • Keenness to participate in multiple research projects

Key Attributes (Experience and Qualifications)

  • Desired candidate will have a Ph.D. degree in Microalga Biotech
  • Should have a basic understanding of Microbiology and cell culture techniques, preferably microalgae.
  • Ability to work in field/outdoor & in lab is an asset.

Technical attributes should be exemplified through peer reviewed publications and patents.

Reliance has six Values and associated behaviors which are the essential and enduring tenets underpinning all decisions and way of life at Reliance and every employee is expected to abide by them. We are also committed to adhering to our candidate charter to deliver the best candidate experience.

Germplasm RS – Microalgal Biotechnology Job @ Reliance Industries

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