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Hematology PhD Researcher Job @ UAB Birmingham

Hematology PhD Researcher Job @ UAB Birmingham

Hematology PhD  Researcher Job @ UAB Birmingham: Our story is one of remarkable growth in size, quality, reputation and impact. In a little more than four decades, UAB has transformed from its modest beginnings as an extension center into a doctoral research university and academic medical center. And we have the same audacious vision that led our founders to dream big dreams:
To educate, advance discovery, care for the sick, respond to the needs of our community and establish Alabama as a progressive economic center that can change the world.

Hematology PhD  Researcher Job @ UAB Birmingham

Job Title


As directed, to independently set up and perform experiments and procedures in support of lab goals. To collect, enter, summarize and analyze data. To monitor results, detect and report unusual outcomes and suggest modifications. To develop and improve techniques for the lab.

Hourly Rate of Pay: $15.77 – $28.75

POSITION SUMMARY: Cystic fibrosis (CF) results from mutations in the gene coding for the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) protein. The CFTR protein is refractory to structure determination at high resolution because of difficulties in obtaining homogeneous active protein in sufficient quantities for analyses. When exogenously expressed, the CFTR exhibits characteristics of limited detergent solubility and aggregation. An important objective of a newly funded study on HIV-1 structure determination is to over-come the limited stability of CFTR that precludes atomic structure solutions of the wild-type and mutant variants of the protein. The research project will introduce mutations into CFTR to identify new variants that enhance CFTR stability, and enable retention of the protein in a soluble and monodisperse form through steps of purification, and biophysical characterization. This vital underpinning will augment to elucidate an atomic-level 3D structure of CFTR. The experimental approach includes construction of recombinant lentiviral expression vectors comprising different mutations of CFTR, generation and characterization of mammalian cell lines expressing CFTR and the production of biomass for stability and structure studies.


(1) plan and perform molecular genetic techniques necessary to mutagenize DNA, including the CFTR gene;

(2) plan and perform experiments necessary to create mammalian cell lines expressing CFTR variant genes;

(3) produce large-scale cell culture/biomass comprising specific CFTR variant proteins;

(4) determine and analyze the DNA sequence of molecular clones, including those comprising CFTR.

(5) Use flow cytometric analysis to analyze ligand-receptor interactions, antibody binding and fluorescence in mammalian cells;

(6) organize and record all project-specific research methodologies, protocols, research plans, and experiments;

(7) Use computer software programs to analyze research data and results; and

(8) prepare and present research finding to laboratory members.


Master’s degree in a related field OR Bachelor s degree in related field and two (2) years of related experience OR Associate’s degree in related field and four (4) years of related experience required. Work experience may NOT substitute for education requirement.

Ideal experience for this project/position includes a BS or MS degree with at least 7 years of relevant experience in areas of (i) mammalian cells culture, (ii) biosafety level 2+ containment (iii) exogenous gene expression using viral vector delivery systems. Alternatively, the qualified candidate will have earned a PhD in virology, molecular biology or cell biology (or related fields) and have a demonstrated track record of at least 3 years of research with expertise in the areas described above. It is desired that the candidate will also have industrial experience in molecular biology and Automated high-throughput processes of gene-based mutagenesis followed by functional characterization to obtain information on the structure–function relationship.

In order to be considered make sure to demonstrate how your education & experience aligns with the needs & requirements of this position. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Primary Location: University
Job Category: Scientific Research
Organization: 311402200 Med – Hematology & Oncology
Employee Status: Regular
Shift: Day/1st Shift

Hematology PhD  Researcher Job @ UAB Birmingham

How To Apply: https://uab.taleo.net/careersection/iam/accessmanagement/login.jsf?lang=en&redirectionURI=https%3A%2F%2Fuab.taleo.net%2Fcareersection%2Fapplication.jss%3Flang%3Den%26type%3D1%26csNo%3D10060%26portal%3D8100108034%26reqNo%3D56827%26isOnLogoutPage%3Dtrue&TARGET=https%3A%2F%2Fuab.taleo.net%2Fcareersection%2Fapplication.jss%3Flang%3Den%26type%3D1%26csNo%3D10060%26portal%3D8100108034%26reqNo%3D56827%26isOnLogoutPage%3Dtrue

View Original Notification: https://uab.taleo.net/careersection/ext/jobdetail.ftl?job=T43988

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