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INDO SRILANKA Joint Research Program Proporsal Call For 2016 | DST India

INDO SRILANKA Joint Research Program Proporsal Call For 2016 | DST India

INDO SRILANKA Joint Research Program Proporsal Call For 2016 | DST India:

The Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research (MSTR), Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka concluded a Programme of Cooperation (PoC) in Science and Technology, on August 4th, 2016.

INDO SRILANKA Joint Research Program Call For 2016 | DST India

In terms of the PoC, funding can be made available for selected Joint Research
projects and Workshops in bilateral mode involving scientists & technologists from India and Sri Lanka, in the following areas:

  • Food Technology;
  • Plant based medicines;
  • Materials;
  • Metrology;
  • Space Research & Applications;
  • Robotics & Automation;
  • Industrial Electronics;
  • Any other project with national relevance (with justifications)

The DST and the MSTR (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementing Agencies”) hereby invite Indian and Sri Lankan scientists/researchers to submit proposals for Joint Research Projects and Bilateral Workshops in any of the above areas in terms of the provisions herein set out.


(1) An Application shall –

  • be for a Joint Research Project or a Workshop as herein provided.
  • be made simultaneously by a counterpart Team in each country as hereinafter provided.
  • be made by the Leader of a team of scientists in each country (Team Leader), to
    the respective Implementing Agency of his/her country, simultaneously. Both Applications shall be identical. Since all projects are joint projects, it is expected that consultations would have been held between relevant counterpart Institutions in the other country prior to the submission of an Application.
  • be in English and shall be in the Form prescribed by the relevant Implementing Agency.
  • be required to be submitted by the dates set out below.

(2) Applications are required to be submitted as follows –

  • The completed application Form and all relevant, clearly labeled attachments should
    be forwarded in a single email to reach either of the following addresses (as relevant)
    by November 30th, 2016 –
  • in the case of Indian Applications – to the email address: skvdst@nic.in
    b. in the case of Sri Lankan Applications – to the email address : motrtrd@gmail.com
  •  Eight (08) hard copies should be forwarded to the relevant Implementing Agency by
    December 30th, 2016.

(3) An Application shall be rejected if –

  • the Applications required to be submitted by email and the hard copies thereof are not received by the respective Implementing Agency by the dates set out in paragraph 2 above;
  •  it is not in the format prescribed by the relevant Implementing Agency; or
  • it is incomplete and does not contain the information required to be submitted in terms of the prescribed Form to enable an assessment to be conducted.

(4) An email acknowledging receipt of the application will be provided to the applicant within 5 working days by the receiving Implementing Agency.


(1) Requirements of Workshops A Bilateral Workshop shall –

a) be on a theme which falls within any of the above areas.

b) should have a co-organizer from India and Sri Lanka.

c) Should be for participants from both countries. It is expected that the host country will have a larger number of participants than from the visiting country.

(2) Financial support available Funding will cover the following expenses –

(a) International return economy airfare for participants will be met by the sending country.

(b) Local hospitalities including accommodation, local transport and Per diem etc. for visiting scientists will be met by the host country.

(c) Local Organizational expenses (as per recommendation of assessment committee) will be met by the host country.

(d) The medical and travel insurance of the visiting participants will be met by the sending country. (“Host country” is the country in which the workshop will be held ; “sending country” is the country from which participants will be sent to attend the workshop).


(1) Requirements of Research Projects

a) Research Projects should be carried out jointly by research teams from both countries.

b) Each country should have a team with a Team leader. The Team Leader should be one who holds a full-time position at a University or Research Institution in the respective Country.

c) The duration of each project should be two years initially. After the completion of this period, an application for additional one year may be considered on the merit of the progress. (Applications are advised to submit only one project against this call)

(2) Financial support available

The funding will cover the following expenses in connection with a project up to a limit agreed upon by each Implementing Agency –

(a) Research expenses : Expenditure by the project team in their country in respect of consumables will be borne by the respective country.

(b) Exchange of visits for research projects : In the event that a research project provides for the exchange of visits by scientists, experts or students –

(i) The cost of international air travel (up to airport nearest to project location) and overseas medical insurance for a visiting scientist/expert/student shall be borne by the sending Implementing Agency. 3 (ii) The cost of furnished accommodation, transport and per diem at a mutually agreed rate will be provided by the Receiving Implementing Agency, for the approved duration of the visit.

(c) Publication of Research proposals: Expenditure related to the publication of research findings will be jointly borne by the two countries.

(d) Human Resource Expenses: in the event that a Research Assistant and / or Technical Assistant is employed for the implementation of the project, an agreed remuneration will be borne by the respective Implementing Agency.


(1) The following procedure will be followed in assessing valid Applications –

(a) All valid applications will be submitted for peer review process and shall be referred to an Independent Advisory Panel thereafter for rating in terms of the criteria set out in paragraph (e) below.

(b) Applications that attain a positive rating will be eligible to be considered for funding.

(c) A Joint Committee comprising representatives of the Implementing Agencies (the “Joint Committee”) will, upon a consideration of the rating, determine which proposals will receive funding. Such a decision will also take into account the funding available.

(d) Decisions made by the Joint Committee shall be final.

(e) The criteria that will be taken into consideration for rating are the following –

(i) conformity of the project objectives with national policy

(ii) state of scientific research capacity

(iii) rationale for cooperation

(iv) novelty of scientific research and engineering

(v) benefits of project including : (a) industrial development (b) technology capacity building (c) science and technology human resources development (d) possible commercialization of research results

(vi) intellectual property : usage and ownership

(vii) budget requested

(viii) approval and support by host Institutions

(ix) feasibility of project; and

(x) profile of Principal Investigators

(2) Where an Application is selected for funding support, the respective Implementing Agencies will notify the Team Leader of the project, accordingly.

The following may be contacted for further details and clarifications, if any –

For India:

Mr. S. K. Varshney Scientist `G’,

International Division Department of Science & Technology,

Ministry of Science & Technology, Technology Bhavan,

New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110 016.,


Fax: +91-11-26862418

E-mail: skvdst@nic.in

URL: www.dst.gov.in

For Sri Lanka:

Ms. Himali W.K. Athaudage
Director (International Relations & Development)
Technology and Research Development Division
Ministry of Science, Technology and Research
3rd Floor, Sethsiripaya, Phase-I, Battaramulla
Sri Lanka.

Email : motrtrd@gmail.com
URL : www.motr.gov.lk

The Application Form may be downloaded from the following website: www.dst.gov.in

CLOSING DATE – 30 December 2016


INDO SRILANKA Joint Research Program Proporsal Call For 2016 | DST India

View Original Notification: http://www.dst.gov.in/sites/default/files/Sri-Lanka-Call-text-2016.pdf

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