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List Biotech/Pharmacy/Chemistry/Medical Events – BioChem Adda

List Biotech/Pharmacy/Chemistry/Medical Events: The Event is an online directory of life science, chemistry, and medical events from around the globe brought to you by BioChemAdda.com. Attending these types of Events (Conferences/Congress/Summits) facilitates the proliferation of scientific discoveries and the building of fruitful associations. Even these events provide an opportunity for students for interacting with potential employers and build up professional contacts. We at BioChem Adda hope to play our part by offering the most complete, user-friendly, accurate, and high-quality listing of events available.

As an event attendee we can help you:

  • Quickly locate relevant, high-quality events from around the globe and get all the essential information you need to decide which events to attend.
  • Plan ahead by adding events to your calendar.
  • Stay updated by creating personal event alerts about upcoming events in your area(s) of interest.

As an event organizer we can help you:

  • Reach your target audience.
  • Create a comprehensive and customizable listing for your event, including key details, a description, Google maps, speakers, links to social media, and multimedia content.

List Biotech/Pharmacy/Chemistry/Medical Events

BioChem Adda Event Approval Policies

BioChem Adda strives to be the most complete, user-friendly, and trustworthy directory of biosciences, chemistry, and medical events. As such, we want to offer our users with a range of high quality, relevant events and event listings which are accurate and complete.

All events submitted to BioChem Adda must be approved before they are published on our site. To best serve our users, it is our policy not to post events which violate the following conditions:

  • No irrelevant events – events must be relevant to scientific (BioSciences, Chemistry, and Medical Sciences) researchers and professionals (e.g. no B2B events)
  • No anonymous organizers
  • No misleading/false publication promises on the event website
  • No broken links
  • No “empty” sites – users need to be provided with enough information to justify registering for your event

Some additional guidelines:

  • Please submit your event listing in English – our target audience is international and global.
  • Please provide a complete venue address UNLESS the site is unknown.
  • Please submit your event at least one month before the start date so that users have the opportunity to register in time.
  • If we believe you have violated any of the above terms in error, we may contact you requesting additional information or asking you to update your listing(s). If your event is no longer visible on our portal, this probably means that your event has not been approved and has been removed from our system.

BioChem Adda will be very much happy to be associated as a media partner for all the upcoming events from the field of biotechnology, pharmacy, chemistry, chemical or medical sciences.

For listing the event, BioChem Adda will list an event on a barter exchange as mentioned and we will request our partner’s to forward a description of at least 300 words about the event, URL link, and a jpeg image of size 660 px by 330 px.

BioChem Adda will list an event on the following term:

  • An URL link with a brief overview of the event on BioChem Adda’s website for each event (image of size 660 px by 330 px).

Partners will accept BioChem Adda on the following term:

  • Media partner’s logo and logo to be included on the partner’s page with hyperlink redirecting to the partner’s website with a short description. The logo will be live till the event ends.

BioChem Adda is associated as Media Partners for the following events:

And if you are interested in paid services of BioChem Adda’s as mentioned below which will not be included in barter exchange:

  • Dedicated e-shot sent to BioChem Adda subscribers (5000+) for each event – $ 100 per email.
  • A mention in BioChem Adda e-newsletter – $ 50 per event.
  • Social Media postings for each conference (Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) – $ 50 per event.
  • Left Side/Right Side Banner Advertisements – $ 100 a month per month per event (visible on all pages) – depends on availability.
  • Top Leaderboard Banner Advertisements beside logo (728 by 90) – $ 150 a month per month per event (visible on all pages) – depends on availability.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us at info at biochemadda.com.

Kind regards,

The BioChem Adda team

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