List of Top Biotech Internships in India | Biotechnology Internships in USA 2018: If you are looking for internships/training in Biotechnology then you have landed at a right place and at right time.

As a minimum requirement for your Biotechnology Degree Programs, you will be required to complete an Internships or Training program.

Every single B. Tech student is supposed to undergo a two months internships at the end of the second year and by the end of the course (final semester) will be required to go for six-month project training.

Even M. Sc. / M. Tech students are required to complete internships/training at least for one semester (6-month project training).

There are few private institutes or biotech companies which are providing paid internship or project training.

Many students are not able to afford the paid internships.

This article list free/paid or stipend-/fellowship-based internships or training opportunities. Please go through the list and find the best suitable opportunity and grab that opportunity as soon as possible.

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If you are looking for a list of top biotech internships in the USA, please go to the page number 4 shown below.

Biotech Internships in India and USA

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