How to write an email for an internship

It’s very important to write a direct email to a particular scientist/professor rather than sending the same email to 1000s of scientist/professor.

I have noticed that students send the same generic email spamming the mailboxes.

So always remember when you are forwarding the same generic emails to the scientist/professor, they will be dumping tons of spam emails received from the students to the spam box.

Please avoid these and try a different approach where you will invest more time and effort but you will surely get a positive response.

You have to highlight your self by writing a better cover letter.

Below are the few of the examples, please go through these links and try to write a personal message to the scientist/professor explaining why you are interested in his/her lab.

If you can come up with something new, please do mention it to the scientist/professor. In this way, you will impress your potential supervisor, and he/she will offer you training/internship.

This will help you to build your professional network, which will come in handy for your future endeavor.

So please invest some time and effort and draft a better cover letter so that you can find an internship/training in a reputed research institute or industry.

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