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Top Pharma / Biotech Companies in Austria

Here is the list of pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies in Austria.

CompanyLocationBusiness Type
ActivartisVienna, AustriaDendritic Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy
AFFiRiSVienna, AustriaTherapeutic Vaccines
AOP Orphan DiseasesVienna, AustriaOrphan disease treatments
Apeiron BiologicsVienna, AustriaAntibody, enzymes
AposcienceVienna, AustriaCytokines, growth factors and other active components
Arsanis BiosciencesVienna, AustriaFully human monoclonal antibodies
AstridBioVienna, AustriaGenetic Analysis, Other Software
Austrianova BiotechnologyMaria Enzersdorf, AustriaBioinert polymer encapsulation
BIA SeparationsVillach, AustriaSeparation Technology
BiocratesInnsbruck, AustriaDiagnostic Biomarkers
BiomayVienna, AustriaDisease Modifying Allergy Therapeutics
Croma PharmaLeobendorf, AustriaAesthetic Dermatology
eBioscience (Affymetrix)Vienna, AustriaCell Analysis Products
EverCyteVienna, AustriaImmortalized Human Cells for Drug Testing
EXPUTECVienna, AustriaBiopharma Technology Transfer and Data Science Consulting
f-starVienna, AustriaAntibody Engineering
HaplogenVienna, AustriaAntiviral Drug Discovery
Hookipa BiotechVienna, AustriaImmunotherapies & vaccines
Horizon DiscoveryGenetically-defined cell lines
Nabriva TherapeuticsVienna, AustriaSmall Molecules
NorgineVienna, AustriaSpecialty Pharma
OctapharmaVienna, AustriaBiologics
OncoQRAdjustable cancer immunotherapy
PfizerVienna, Austria
Polymun ScientificKlosterneuburg, AustriaContract Development & manufacturing
QPSGrambach, AustriaClinical Research
Sandoz (Novartis)Unterach, AustriaContract Manufacturing
Savira PharmaceuticalsVienna, AustriaViral Inhibition
s-TARget TherapeuticsVienna, AustriaAllergy vaccines
TAmiRNAVienna, AustriamiRNAs for diagnostic use
Teleflex MedicalVienna, AustriaSurgical and Medical Devices
Themis BioscienceVienna, AustriaVaccines
ThioMatrixInnsbruck, AustriaDrug Delivery
TissueGnosticsQuantitative analysis of tissue images
TUBE PharmaceuticalsWien, Austria
ValnevaVienna, AustriaBiologics Manufacturing
Vela LaboratoriesVienna, AustriaGMP Contract Services
ViennaLab DiagnosticsVienna, AustriaDiagnostics
ViraTherapeuticsInnsbruck, AustriaOncolytic Virus Therapies
VTU TechnologyPichia pastoris protein expression service


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Top Biotech Companies in Austria

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