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List of Top Pharma Biotech Companies in Finland | BioChem Adda

List of Top Medical / Pharma / Biotech Companies in Finland

Learn about Top Medical / Pharma/Biotech Companies in Finland: Search the Finland Medical/Pharma/Biotech Database and identify potential partners for future tie-ups.

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List of Top Pharma/Biotech Companies in Finland

Company Location Business Type
Biosilta Oulu, Finland Culture Media Additives
Biotie Therapies (Acorda) Turku, Finland Small Molecules, Biologics
Biovian Turku, Finland Contract Development & Manufacturing
BN Products & Services Pargas, Finland Magnetic Nucleic Acid purification, assays, etc
Charles River Laboratories Kuopio, Finland Research Animal Models and Preclinical Research
Euformatics Espoo, Finland NGS quality management system
Experimentica  Kuopio, Finland Contract Research Organization
Faron Pharmaceuticals Turku, Finland Biologics
FIT Biotech Tampere, Finland Gene Therapy
Hytest Turku, Finland Antibodies
Medix Biochemica Espoo, Finland Monoclonal antibodies, recombinant antigens, diagnostics
Mobidiag Espoo, Finland Molecular diagnostics
Orion Espoo, Finland Drugs, Diagnostics, Veterinary medicine, etc
QuatRx Turku, Finland Small Molecules
Santen Tampere, Finland Ophthalmics
Zora Biosciences Espoo, Finland Biomarker Discovery & Lipidomic Services

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