List of Top Pharma/Biotech Companies in France


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List of Top Pharma/Biotech Companies in France


CompanyLocationBusiness Type
3-D MatrixCaluire et Cuire, FranceMatrix for cellular/tissue growth
A3 SurgicalLa Tronche, FranceMedical
AB ScienceParis, FranceSmall Molecules
AbivaxEvry , France
Montpellier , France
Paris, France
Viral diseases
Acino5 Rue Charles de Gaulle, FranceNovel drug delivery
Acticor BiotechParis, FranceAntibody
Adare PharmaceuticalsHoudan , FranceGenerics, small molecules
AdociaLyon, FranceTherapeutic Proteins
Advanced Accelerator ApplicationsSaint-Genis-Pouilly, FranceMolecular Nuclear Medicine
Advanced BiodesignSaint-Priest, FranceContract Research & Development
AdvicenneNîmes, FranceDrugs for pediatric neurological conditions
AenovaLivron, FranceContract Manufacturing
AffilogicNantes, FranceAffinity proteins, Antibodies
AgileBioParis, France
San Diego, France
IT Life Science Solutions
AlaxiaLyon, FranceTherapeutic solutions for respiratory diseases
Allecra TherapeuticsSaint Louis, FranceMulti drug-resistant bacterial infections
Alma Bio TherapeuticsLyon, FrancePlasmids encoding heat shock proteins
Anagenesis BiotechnologiesIllkirch Graffenstaden, FranceCell therapy, small molecules
AntabioLabège , FranceAntibacterial drugs
APCureLyon, FranceCancer vaccines
Ariana PharmaParis, FranceClinical & Biomarker Data Analytics
AtlanChim PharmaNantes, FranceSynthetic chemistry
Atlantic Bone ScreenSaint Herblain, FrancePreclinical evaluation services in the field of bone and joint diseases
Avadel PharmaceuticalsVénissieux , FranceSpecialty Pharmaceuticals
AzurRx BiopharmaLanglade, FranceBiologics
BayerGaillard, France
Lons, France
Small Molecules
Bio ElpidaSaint Priest, FranceContract Manufacturing
BioCydexPoitiers, FranceMolecule Property-Modifiers
bioMerieuxMarcy l’Étoile, FranceDiagnostics
BiophytisRomainville, FranceTherapies for aging diseases
BiopredicRennes, FranceCell Lines
BioTek InstrumentsColmar Cedex, FranceImaging; Instruments
BiotrialRennes, FranceClinical Trials
BiowestNuaillé, FranceSerum, Culture Media, etc
Bio-XtalMarseille, France
Saint Felix, France
Protein Expression & Structural Biology
BSN MedicalLe Mans, FranceMedical
CellectisRomainville, FranceGenetic Therapeutics
CellforCureParis, FranceCell Therapy
CellProtheraMulhouse, FranceStem cell
Cerenis TherapeuticsLabège, FranceHDL Therapy
Cerep (Eurofins)Poitiers, FranceDrug Discovery Services
CertaraParis, FranceDrug Screening
Charles River LaboratoriesBois des Oncins, France
Chatillon-sur-Chalaronne, France
Preclinical Research
CHEM-X-INFINITYRomainville, FranceCompound Synthesis
ChiesiChaussée Saint Victor, FranceGeneric Small Molecules
CleanCellsBoufféré, FranceServices, Contract Research
Corden PharmaChenôve, FranceContract Small Molecules
CS BioSt. Didier au Mont d’Or, FrancePeptide Synthesizers & Custom Synthesis
Daiichi SankyoAltkirch, FranceSmall Molecules
DavosPharmaHaguenau, FranceContract R & D & Manufacturing
DBV TechnologiesMontrouge, FranceImmunotherapy
Déclion PharmaceuticalsParis , FrancePeptide technology
DiagastLoos, FranceTransfusion Reagents
DiaxonhitParis, FranceDiagnostics
Domain TherapeuticsIllkirch-Strasbourg, FranceSmall Molecules
EAG LaboratoriesColumbia, FranceAnalytical & Synthesis Services
EDAP TMSVaulx-en-Velin, FRANCEMedical
Eli LillyNeuilly-sur-Seine, FranceSmall Molecules, Biologics
Eligo BioscienceParis , FranceProtein-based nanodelivery vectors
ELITech GroupPuteaux, FranceClinical Testing
Enterome BiosciencesParis, FranceDiagnostics
EnteromeParis, FranceHuman gut microbiome targeting
ENYO PharmaLyon, FranceAntivirals
EpiskinLyon, FranceEpithelial skin research models
Erytech PharmaLyon, FrancePharmaceutical
EurobioCurtaboeuf, FranceDiagnostics & Lab reagents
FamarL’Aigle, France
Orléans, France
Saint Genis Laval, France
Saint Rémy sur Avre, France
Contract Manufacturing
FluoFarmaPessac, FranceContract Research & Development
GalapagosRomainville, FranceDrug & Antibody Therapy Discovery
GaldermaAlby-sur-Cheran, FranceSmall Molecules, Dermatological
GalenixSaint-Jean-d’Illac, FranceSmall Molecules
GATC BiotechMulhouse, FranceDNA sequencing
GenclisVandoeuvre-lès-Nancy , FranceCancer Diagnostics
GenethonEvry , FranceGene Therapy
genOwayLyon, FranceRat and cell models
GenSight BiologicsParis, FranceGene Therapy
GenticelLabège, FRANCEImmunotherapies
GlaxoSmithKlineParis, FranceSmall Molecules, Vaccines, Biologics
GraftysAix en Provence, France
Nantes, France
HiFiBiOParis, FranceDrug discovery
HoramaParis, FranceGene Therapy
HybrigenicsParis, FranceBioinformatics & Drug Discovery
ICDD-SASGemenos, FranceContract Research
ImaBiotechLoos , FranceContract Mass Spectrometry
ImaxioLyon, FranceVaccines
ImmunIDGrenoble, FranceImmune Dysfunction Detection
Immunodiagnostic SystemsParis, FranceImmunoassay System
ImmuSmolPessac, FranceAntibodies
Innate PharmaMarseille, FranceMonoclonal Antibodies
InnaVirVaxEVRY , FranceVaccines
IntegraGenEvry, FranceBiomarker identification & diagnostics
InvivoGen TherapeuticsToulouse, FranceGene and Immunotherapies
IpsenBoulogne-Billancourt, France
Dreaux, France
L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France
Les Ulis, France
Saint-Jean-d’Illac, France
Signes, France
Small Molecules, Biologics
Iris PharmaLa Gaude, FranceContract Research
I-stemCorbeil-Essonnes, FranceHuman pluripotent stem cells
LavipharmParis, FranceSmall molecules
LFBParis, FrancePlasma derived drug products
LonzaSaint Beauzire, FranceSmall Molecules, Biologics
LysogeneNeuilly-sur-Seine, FranceGene therapy
MedelisPort Vendres, FranceClinical Research
MedinCellJacou, FranceAPI Delivery Gel
Medtech (Zimmer Biomet)Montpellier , FranceMedical
Metabrain ResearchChilly-Mazarin, FranceDrug discovery platform
Micropoint BioscienceGrenoble, FrancePoint of Care Testing
MicroVention (Terumo)Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FranceMedical devices
NAMSAChasse-sur-Rhône, FranceMedical Devices
NanobiotixParis, FranceNanoparticles
Negma Labs (Wockhardt)Vélizy-Villacoublay, FranceSmall Molecule
NeovacsParis, FranceImmunotherapy
NEUROFITIllkirhc, FrancePreclinical research
Neuroptis BiotechVitry, FranceSmall Molecules
NextPharmaLimay, FranceContract Research & Development
NorgineDreux, FrancePharmaceutical
NovAliXIllkirch, FranceSmall Molecule
Novartis DiagnosticsSuresnes, FranceDiagnostics
NovasepChasse-sur-Rhône, France
Le Mans, France
Mourenx, France
Pompey, France
Saint Maurice de Beynost, France
Small Molecule
API Chemistry
Purification and Separation Equipment
Novian HealthEvry, FranceDevice for breast tumor ablation
OctapharmaLingolsheim, FranceBiologics
OncodesignDijon, FrancePreclinical services
OnxeoParis, FranceSmall Molecules, Biologics
Opia TechnologiesParis, FranceMedical Devices
Orphan Europe (Recordati)Paris, FranceSmall Molecules
OSE ImmunotherapeuticsNantes , France
Paris, France
PatheonBourgoin-Jallieu, FranceContract Manufacturing and Development
PeptiMimesisIllkirch, FranceTherapeutic Peptides
PfizerPocé-sur-Cisse, France
PharmaleadsParis, FranceSmall Molecules
PharnextIssy-Les-Moulineaux, FranceNovel Combination Therapies
Pherecydes PharmaRomainville, FranceBacteriophages
Pierre FabreAIGNAN, France
Avène, France
Cahors, France
Castres, France
Château-Renard, France
Gaillac, France
Gien, France
Idron, France
Mazamet, France
Paris, France
Saint Julien en Genevois, France
Soual, France
Toulouse, France
USSEL, France
Vigoulet-Auzil, France
Oncology, derm/cosmetics
Platine Pharma ServicesLyon, FranceDrug discovery
PolyPeptide GroupStrasbourg, FrancePolypeptide Manufacturing
Polyplus TransfectionIllkirch-Graffenstaden, FranceTransfection
PoxelLyon, FranceDrugs for metabolic disease
Prestwick ChemicalIllkirch-Graffenstaden, FranceMedicinal Chemistry
ProteoGenixSchiltigheim, FranceCustom peptide synthesis, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, recombinant protein production, and custom gene synthesis
PX’ TherapeuticsGrenoble, FranceContract Research & Manufacturing
RecipharmFontaine-lès-Dijon, France
Monts, France
RecordatiSaint-Victor, FranceSmall Molecule
SanofiParis, FranceSmall Molecules
Sanofi GenzymeSaint-Germain-en-Laye, FranceSmall Molecules, Biologics
ServierNeuilly-sur-Seine, France
Orléans, France
Small Molecules
Sinclair PharmaParis, FranceDermatology
Smart BiosciencesSaint Martin d’Hères, FranceCustom peptide synthesis
Smartox BiotechnologySaint Martin d’Hères, FrancePeptide-based drug discovery
SpineGuardVincennes, FranceMedical
Stallergenes GreerAntony, FranceAllergen
SYNCROSOMEMarseille, FrancePreclinical contract research
Teleflex MedicalLe Faget, FranceMedical
TherachonNice, FranceGenetic diseases
TheranyxMarseille , FranceAntibody
TransgeneIllkirch-Graffenstaden, France
Lyon, France
Gene Therapy
TxCellValbonne , FranceImmunotherapies
ValnevaLyon, France
Nantes, France
Vaxon BiotechParis, FranceVaccine
VectalysToulouse, FranceGene Delivery
VecturaSaint Quentin-Fallavier, FranceInhalers
VitamFeroTours, FranceVaccine
West PharmaLe Nouvion-en-Thiérache, FrancePharmaceutical

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