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Learn about Top Biotech Companies in Canada: List of Top Pharma Companies | Medical Companies | Biotech Companies in Canada.
Learn about Top Biotech Companies in Canada: List of Top Pharma Companies | Medical Companies | Biotech Companies in Canada.

List of Top Pharma | Medical | Biotech Companies in Canada

Learn about Top Biotech Companies in Canada: List of Top Pharma Companies | Medical Companies | Biotech Companies in Canada.

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Sr. No. Company Location
1 Abbott Nepean, ON
2 AbCellera Biologics Vancouver, BC
3 Acasti Pharma Laval, QC
4 AccelLAB Boisbriand, QC
5 Acerus Pharmaceuticals Mississauga, ON
6 Achieve Life Sciences Vancouver, BC
7 Acuitas Therapeutics Vancouver, BC
8 AcuPharma Solutions Mississauga, ON
9 AcuPharma Solutions Toronto, ON
10 Adare Pharmaceuticals Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC
11 Advanced Protein Technology Richmond, BC
12 Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Toronto, ON
13 Aeterna Zentaris Montréal, QC
14 Affinity Biologicals Ancaster, ON
15 Akshaya BIO Edmonton, AB
16 Alcon Mississauga, ON
17 Alethia Biotherapeutics Montréal, QC
18 Algorithme Pharma Laval, QC
19 Amgen Burnaby, BC
20 Amgen Mississauga, ON
21 Analogic Saint-Laurent, QC
22 Angiochem Montréal, QC
23 Anogen Mississauga, ON
24 Antibe Therapeutics Toronto, ON
25 Apotex Etobicoke, ON
26 Apotex Richmond Hill, ON
27 Apotex Toronto, ON
28 Apotex Fermentation Winnipeg, MB
29 Appili Therapeutics Halifax, NS
30 Applied Biological Materials Richmond, BC
31 Aptose Biosciences Mississauga, ON
32 Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Vancouver, BC
33 Aralez Pharmaceuticals Mississauga, ON
34 Arbutus Biopharma Burnaby, BC
35 Armour Therapeutics Toronto, ON
36 Arterys Calgary, AB
37 Astrid Bioscience Toronto, ON
38 Attix Pharmaceuticals Toronto, ON
39 Augurex Life Sciences Vancouver, BC
40 Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Edmonton, AB
41 Aurora Spine Toronto, ON
42 Avicanna Toronto, ON
43 Avir Pharma Blainville, QC
44 AVROBIO Toronto, ON
45 Axela Toronto, ON
46 Baxter Alliston, ON
47 Bellus Health Laval, QC
48 Bimeda Cambridge, ON
49 Bio-Processing Alliance Milton, ON
50 biOasis Technologies Richmond, BC
51 BioAuxilium Montréal, QC
52 Biodextris Laval, QC
53 BioIntegral Surgical Mississauga, ON
54 Biolyse Pharma St. Catherines, ON
55 bioMerieux Saint-Laurent, QC
56 Biomomentum Laval, QC
57 Biosyent Toronto, ON
58 Biotrial Laval, QC
59 Biovectra Charlottetown, PE
60 Boreal Genomics Vancouver, BC
61 BriaCell West Vancouver, BC
62 BTG plc Ottawa, ON
63 Caprion Proteomics Montréal, QC
64 Cardiome Pharma Vancouver, BC
65 Cato Research Saint-Laurent, QC
66 Cedarlane Burlington, NC
67 Cedarlane Burlington, ON
68 Celerion Montréal, QC
69 Celgene Mississauga, ON
70 Certara Montréal, QC
71 Charles River Laboratories Saint-Constant, QC
72 Charles River Laboratories Senneville, QC
73 Charles River Laboratories Sherbrooke, QC
74 ChemForce Laboratories Edmonton, AB
75 Chemical Computing Group Montréal, QC
76 Clementia Pharmaceuticals Montréal, QC
77 CMX Oakville, ON
78 Coastal Genomics Burnaby, BC
79 Concordia International Oakville, ON
80 Contextual Genomics Vancouver, BC
81 COREALIS Pharma Laval, QC
82 Crescita Therapeutics Mississauga, ON
83 Critical Outcome Technologies London, ON
84 Cyclenium Pharma Montréal, QC
85 Cyclenium Pharma Sherbrooke, QC
86 Cyclica Toronto, ON
87 Cyon Therapeutics Vancouver, BC
88 DalCor Pharmaceuticals Montréal, QC
89 Dalton Pharma Services Toronto, ON
90 Defyrus Toronto, ON
91 DelMar Pharmaceuticals Vancouver, BC
92 DeNovaMed Halifax, NS
93 Densitas Halifax, NS
94 Derma-Cell Research Laval, QC
95 DiaMedica Winnipeg, MB
96 DNA Genotek Ottawa, ON
97 Easton Pharmaceuticals Toronto, ON
98 Edesa Biotech Markham, ON
99 Encycle Therapeutics Toronto, ON
100 EndoCeutics Québec, QC
101 enGene Montréal, QC
102 Epigenetix Saint-Laurent, QC
103 epliCel Life Sciences Vancouver, BC
104 ESSA Pharma Vancouver, BC
105 Eve Medical Toronto, ON
106 ExCellThera Toronto, ON
107 Fedora Pharmaceuticals Edmonton, AB
108 Feldan Therapeutics Québec, QC
109 Folia Biotech Québec , QC
110 Formation Biologics Montréal, QC
111 Fresenius Kabi Mississauga, ON
112 Fresenius Kabi Richmond Hill, ON
113 Fusion Genomics Burnaby, BC
114 GE Healthcare Burnaby, BC
115 GE Healthcare Mississauga, ON
116 GE Healthcare Toronto, ON
117 GeneNews Markham, ON
118 GenePOC Diagnostics Québec , QC
119 Generex Biotechnology Burlington, ON
120 GFR Pharmaceuticals Coquitlam, BC
121 Gilead Edmonton, AB
122 Gilead Mississauga, ON
123 GlaxoSmithKline Laval, QC
124 Global Pharma Tek Toronto, ON
125 GVI Clinical Development Solutions Winnipeg, MB
126 Halifax Biomedical Mabou, NS
127 Helix Biopharma Toronto, ON
128 Highland Therapeutics Toronto, ON
129 hoenix Molecular Designs Vancouver, BC
130 Ibex Technologies Montréal, QC
131 iCo Therapeutics Vancouver, BC
132 IFOWON Vancouver, BC
133 IgY Immune Technologies and Life Sciences Thunder Bay, ON
134 ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Victoria, BC
135 Immunovaccine Halifax, NS
136 ImStar Therapeutics Vancouver, BC
137 ImStar Therapeutics Québec, QC
138 Innovatek Medical Delta, BC
139 Innovative Targeting Solutions Burnaby, BC
140 Innovotech Edmonton, AB
141 InSymbiosis Montréal, QC
142 Integra Life Sciences Burlington, ON
143 Integra Medical Toronto, ON
144 IntelGenX Saint-Laurent, QC
145 IntelliPharmaCeutics Toronto, ON
146 Iogen Ottawa, ON
147 IPS Therapeutique Sherbrooke, QC
148 IR2Dx Edmonton, AB
149 Ironshore Pharmaceuticals Toronto, ON
150 Jubilant HollisterStier Kirkland, QC
151 Kane Biotech Winnipeg, MB
152 KMT Hepatech Edmonton, AB
153 Knight Therapeutics Westmount, QC
154 Kytogenics Dartmouth, NS
155 Laurent Pharmaceuticals Montréal, QC
156 Lifescan Canada Burnaby, BC
157 Mannin Research Toronto, ON
158 Marsala Biotech Winnipeg, MB
159 Mati Therapeutics Burnaby, BC
160 MedGenesis Therapeutix Victoria, BC
161 Medicago Québec, QC
162 Medicenna Vancouver, BC
163 Medicure Winnipeg, MB
164 MediLumine Montreal , QC
165 Mediphage Bioceuticals Kitchener, ON
166 Meros Polymers Edmonton, AB
167 Merus Labs Toronto, ON
168 Microbion Vancouver, BC
169 Microbix Mississauga, ON
170 Milestone Pharmaceuticals Saint-Laurent, QC
171 Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals Montréal, QC
172 Mirati Therapeutics Montréal, QC
173 Mispro Biotech Services Montréal, QC
174 MRM Proteomics Victoria, BC
175 MRM Proteomics Montréal, QC
176 Natrix Separations Burlington, ON
177 Neopharm Labs Blainville , QC
178 Neovasc Richmond, BC
179 NerveVision Toronto, ON
180 Neurodyn Charlottetown, PE
181 Northern Biologics Toronto, ON
182 Novartis Charlottetown, PE
183 Novartis Dorval, QC
184 Novelion Therapeutics Vancouver, BC
185 Novus Biologicals Oakville, ON
186 NuVo Research Mississauga, ON
187 Nymox Pharmaceuticals Saint-Laurent, QC
188 OmegaChem Levis, QC
189 Oncolytics Biotech Calgary, AB
190 Ondine Biomedical Vancouver, BC
191 Pacgen Life Science Corporation Vancouver, BC
192 Paladin Labs Saint-Laurent, QC
193 Parvus Therapeutics Calgary, AB
194 Pascal Biosciences Vancouver, BC
195 Patheon Burlington, ON
196 Patheon Mississauga, ON
197 Patheon Whitby, ON
198 Pendant Biosciences Toronto, ON
199 Pfizer Brandon, MB
200 Pfizer Saint-Laurent, QC
201 PHARMA Inventor Vancouver, BC
202 Pharma Medica Mississauga, ON
203 Pharma Medica Toronto, ON
204 Pillar5 Pharma Arnprior, ON
205 Pivot Pharmaceuticals Vancouver, BC
206 Pivotal Therapeutics Woodbridge, ON
207 PlantForm Guelph, ON
208 PnuVax Kingston, ON
209 PnuVax Montréal, QC
210 POS Bio-Sciences Saskatoon, SK
211 Prairie Plant Systems Saskatoon, SK
212 Precision Nanosystems Vancouver, BC
213 ProMetic Life Sciences Laval, QC
214 ProMIS Neurosciences Mississauga, ON
215 ProMIS Neurosciences Toronto, ON
216 ProteinSimple Ottawa, ON
217 ProteinSimple Toronto, ON
218 Quadro Liquid Processing Waterloo, ON
219 Quest PharmaTech Edmonton, AB
220 Qvella Richmond Hill, ON
221 Ranomics Toronto, ON
222 Rapid Novor Kitchener, ON
223 Regulatory Heights Toronto, ON
224 Repare Therapeutics St-Laurent, QC
225 Replicor Montréal, QC
226 Response Biomedical Vancouver, BC
227 Sandoz Boucherville, QC
228 Sanofi Genzyme Mississauga, ON
229 SciAn Services Toronto, ON
230 Sekisui Diagnostics Charlottetown, PE
231 Servier Mississauga, ON
232 Servier Laval, QC
233 Sierra Oncology Vancouver, BC
234 Sirona Biochem Vancouver, BC
235 Sitka Biopharma Vancouver, BC
236 SOLABS Montréal, QC
237 Spectral Medical Toronto, ON
238 Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Sherbrooke, QC
239 SQI Diagnostics Toronto, ON
240 Stemcell Technologies Vancouver, BC
241 Supratek Pharma Dorval, QC
242 Teleflex Medical Markham, ON
243 Teva Toronto, ON
244 Therapure Biopharma Mississauga, ON
245 Theratechnologies Montréal, QC
246 Thermo-Fisher Burlington, ON
247 Thrasos Therapeutics Montréal, QC
248 Transferra Nanosciences Burnaby, BC
249 Transition Therapeutics Toronto, ON
250 Treventis Toronto, ON
251 Trillium Therapeutics Toronto, ON
252 Triphase Accelerator Toronto, ON
253 Turnstone Biologics Ottawa, ON
254 UBC Dorval, QC
255 uFluidix Toronto, ON
256 Valeant Pharmaceuticals Laval, QC
257 Valeo Pharmaceuticals Kirkland, QC
258 VBI Vaccines Ottawa, ON
259 Veeva Systems Toronto, ON
260 Verisante Technology Richmond, BC
261 Veristat Montréal, QC
262 Viva Pharmaceutical Richmond, BC
263 Wellspring Pharma Oakville, ON
264 WEX Pharmaceuticals Vancouver, BC
265 Xenon Pharmaceuticals Burnaby, BC
266 ZOETIC Pharmaceuticals Buffalo, NY
267 Zoetis Kirkland, QC
268 Zymeworks Vancouver, BC

Note: List of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies is arranged alphabetically and not according to their current market evaluation.

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