National Geographic Early Career Grant 2018: All proposed projects must be bold, innovative, and potentially transformative and have a key focus on conservation, education, research, storytelling, or technology.

Projects also need to align into one of the three focus areas.

We do not usually consider applications that encourage strictly laboratory or collections work.

Grants are given on the basis of merit and exist independent of the Society’s other divisions.

Please note this is an extremely competitive grant program; we get a lot more applications than we are able to finance.

National Geographic Early Career Grant 2018

Project start dates ought to be a minimum of six months following the submission deadline to make sure any given funds are obtained in time. Learn more about our review process and timelines.

Project start dates should be a minimum of six weeks after the submission deadline to ensure any given funds are received in time. Find out more about our inspection procedure and timelines.

Early Career Grant

Early Career Grants are intended to provide less experienced people a chance to direct a project.

Grant projects last one calendar year or less. If you apply for at least 1 year of financing, your proposal will likely be sent straight back for you to revise and resubmit for another deadline. Projects are usually financed for US $5,000 and can’t exceed US $10,000.

There’s not any maximum age limitation for Early Career Grant applicants. However, applicants should be at least 18 years old at the time of application submission.  Applicants aren’t required to possess an advanced degree. Anyone with over five years of qualified expertise within the specialty of their project focus doesn’t qualify for the Early Career Grant and ought to make an application to an Exploration Grant instead.

In case you have already received an Early Career Grant or some Young Explorers Grant from National Geographic, then you might submit a fresh proposal once you’ve shut your prior grant record.

Go to our How to Apply section to find out more about eligibility conditions and the best way to prepare your proposal.


All applications must be submitted through our online application system. We do not accept mailed or emailed applications. All application materials should be submitted in English.

Early Career Grant and Exploration Grant project last one year or less.  Project start dates ought to be a minimum of six months after the submission deadline to ensure any awarded funds are received in time. Watch the Grant Opportunities page for advice about precise deadlines.

Find out More about Preparing your Proposal.

Project Leadership:

You may submit a proposal as the project leader for only one project at a time. But you may be a project member or co-applicant on multiple grants simultaneously.  You have to submit a final report and media from any previous grants for which you were the leader before applying to lead a new project.

Organizations can apply for grants, however, the individual within the organization that will lead the job –not the institution–ought to be the candidate and will be expected to meet the requirements of the grant.

Students should not submit in their adviser’s name. The person responsible for executing the project should apply and write the application.

Age Restrictions:

All applicants should be at least 18 years old at the time that they submit a program. There is no upper age limit for Early Career Grants.  However, if you’ve got more than five years of full-time, professional knowledge in the field of your project focus, you do not qualify for an Early Career Grant. Time in grad school does not count toward this experience limit. Stop by our Grant Opportunities page for more information about grant types.


We encourage applications from all over the world. If you’re planning to work beyond your home country, you must include the name and contact information for at least one local collaborator as a project team member at the application. Please note that the National Geographic Society doesn’t assist with visas. Learn more concerning our regional offices and programs.

National Geographic Early Career Grant 2018


All applications received by 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time on July 10 will be assessed and decided upon by November. Applications received after this deadline will be reviewed in the subsequent grant cycle.

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