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PhD Positions Chemical / Molecular Biology @ IMPRS-CMB: Applicants should hold Master Degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Life Science, Physics.....

PhD Positions Chemical / Molecular Biology @ IMPRS-CMB

PhD Positions Chemical / Molecular Biology @ IMPRS-CMB: PhD positions at the International Max-Planck-Research School in Chemical and Molecular Biology, Dortmund, Germany: The International Max-Planck-Research School in Chemical and Molecular Biology (IMPRS-CMB), a joint program between the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Physiology in Dortmund, the Technical University of Dortmund, the Ruhr-University-Bochum and the University of Duisburg-Essen, is recruiting highly talented and motivated students.

The focus of our school is to understand how the dynamics of biomolecular interactions lead to the complex functions of biological systems. We study this question across several scales, ranging from the chemistry of interacting biomolecules, to the structure and function of molecular machines, to how the spatial organization of signaling molecules emerges from their collective dynamics. To do so, we apply a wide spectrum of techniques from Structural Biology (X-ray Crystallography, Electron Microscopy, NMR spectroscopy), Biochemistry (Mass Spectrometry, Systems Reconstitution) and Systems Biology (Quantitative Functional Fluorescence Microscopy). Understanding the behaviour of complex molecular systems is a prerequisite for manipulating the underlying molecular interactions in a targeted manner, e.g. for the development of therapeutic agents.

PhD Positions Chemical / Molecular Biology @ IMPRS-CMB

We are looking for candidates of all nationalities with

  • a background in Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Applied and Theoretical Physics, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Structural Biology, Systems Biology or related fields
  • an interest in pursuing interdisciplinary research projects
  • an excellent academic record, previous research experiences and a strong commitment for scientific research
  • a good knowledge of written and spoken English

Successful candidates will join top-level research groups and benefit from an integrated training program that includes lectures, advanced scientific workshops, complementary skill courses and career development activities.

Academic requirements

Applicants should hold (or expect to hold prior to the start of their PhD) a University Master Degree in one of the following disciplines:

  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Life Science
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Medicine

Applicants holding an excellent bachelor (BSc) degree are welcome to apply, as long as a period of independent research followed by a final written thesis was part of the course of studies. Such candidates could be eligible for the ‘fast track’ program offered by our partner universities but additional requirements, to be completed during the PhD thesis, will be defined for each individual case.

Admission to the graduate program, if all requirements are fulfilled, is based only on scientific qualification and performance at the interview.

Important: should the number of excellent candidates (i.e. that pass the IMPRS selection) exceed the available IMPRS positions, extra positions may be available, depending on the group leaders’ funding situation. These students will receive the status of ‘IMPRS associated students’ that will grant them the possibility to join many of the events offered in the training program.

All participating institutions are located in the Ruhr Metropolitan region, a vibrant, open and multicultural region in the centre of Germany.

Students are fully funded for the duration of their PhD.

How to Apply:


Deadline: August 26th 2016.

For more information and to apply, please visit us at https://www.imprs-cmb.mpg.de/


Autumn selection 2016:

  • online registration: activated from 18th July 2016
  • deadline for application: 26th August 2016 (24:00 Central European Time)
  • deadline for submission of reference letters: 1st September 2016 (24:00 CET)
  • notification of short-listed candidates: between 26th September 2016 and 7th October 2016
  • Interview in Dortmund: 14th -15th November 2016

The Max Planck Society is committed to offer equal opportunities regardless of gender, nationality or disabilities of the applicants.

PhD Positions Chemical / Molecular Biology @ IMPRS-CMB

View More Information: https://www.imprs-cmb.mpg.de/index.php/application-2

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