Research Associate Molecular Biology @ Spotlight Therapeutics, Hayward, CA: We are hiring a Research Associate/Senior Research Associate (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field) to take our molecular biology workflows from whiteboard conceptualization to laboratory scale implementation. This position will support Scientists in our protein engineering group and will interact with other scientific groups within Spotlight.

Research Associate Molecular Biology @ Spotlight Therapeutics, Hayward, CA

The position will be responsible for the design, optimization, and cloning of bacterial, eukaryotic (S. cerevisiae) and mammalian (CHO, HEK-293/F) expression plasmids. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in cloning methodologies ranging from traditional restriction cloning to Gibson assembly to USER/GoldenGate approaches.

Experience with the molecular biology behind protein variant library generation, protein linker optimization, in-vitro transcription-translation, and various display technologies such as yeast and phage display techniques and Next-gen sequencing/Illumina workflows are added pluses.


  • Design, optimization, and cloning of bacterial and eukaryotic expression plasmids.
  • Growth and induction of expression cultures.
  • Assistance with protein variant screening to discover new biotherapeutics.


  • RA candidates should have at least two years of relevant experience.
  • SRA candidates should have 5+ years of relevant experience.
  • Broad knowledge of cloning techniques (restriction cloning, Gibson assembly, Type-IIS, USER/GoldenGate, Ligation independent) required.
  • Experience with protein variant library construction and screening desired.
  • Experience with display technologies (yeast/phage) desired.
  • Illumina sequencing experience desired.
  • Flow cytometry experience desired.


Bachelor’s or advanced degree

Research Associate Molecular Biology @ Spotlight Therapeutics, Hayward, CA


To apply, send a copy of your CV to [email protected]

This hiring window will be open until August 1st, 2018.

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