Scope of Biotechnology for B.Tech students

Biotechnology mainly deals with the study of living organisms. It is an application of biology and different techniques to change or to modify products for specific human use. Biotechnology is also known as biological technology.

Scope of Biotechnology for B.Tech students

Biotechnology is the study of different types of techniques, used for the modification in living organisms. The main function of biotechnologist deals with research, inventions and modifications. There are different fields in biotechnology such as:

  • Agricultural biotechnology: The study of different techniques used to protect plants and trees from virus, insects and herbicides to increase the productivity and to modify the nutrients in plants. E.g.: golden rice and other transgenic crops.
  • Animal biotechnology: The study of different tools used in the improvements of animal health, breeding, poultry system and increase in their productivity such as milk, meat, eggs, etc. This also deals with the study of cloning and production of transgenic animals.
  • Environmental biotechnology: The study of different tools used to save our environment with the hazards, and other pollutants that cause harm to our environment. This also includes rainwater harvesting system, recycling methods, etc.
  • Industrial biotechnology: The study of different applications of biotechnology for industrial purposes. E.g.: production of wine, bioreactors, etc.
  • Marine biotechnology: The study of organisms which are present in marine, to identify, study about their life-cycle and other habitats.
  • Medical biotechnology: The applications of biotechnology to produce pharmaceutical and diagnostic product, which helps in treating and preventing human diseases.
  • Plant biotechnology: The applications of biotechnology to improve the quantity of yield, to reduce the harmful causes to plants. E.g.: substitution method, pollination, etc.

Scope of Biotechnology for B.Tech students – The Bachelor of Technology is under graduate (UG) program. Many CBSE affiliated institutions offer in biotechnology course. The duration of this course is for 4 years. In this course an equal importance is given for both  life science and engineering concept of biotechnology.

 A B.Tech student, who is planning to pursue his career in Biotechnology must be aware that, this field is still developing in India and there are number of new companies launching with more job opportunities along with good pay packages.

After a B.Tech degree, students can find jobs in companies, institutions and also in biotech laboratories. Listed below are few best biotech companies, research institutions and biotech laboratories.

Biocon, IFGL, Invitrogen, Glaxosmithkline, Reliance life sciences, CTS life sciences, Dr.Reddy’s labs, Cipla, Ranbaxy are the few pharmaceuticals companies to begin the career.

IISERs, DU, TIFR, IISc and JNU are few among the Universities and research institution, where students begin their career in research under the guidance of their guides.

As biotechnology is the field of research oriented, there are many research institutions set up globally.

There are lots of job opportunities for B.Tech students in many of the industries like in research, chemicals, food, tanning, forensic science laboratories, clinical research, drug and pharmaceutical industries. In these industries the candidates are selected based on their experience. Fresher’s are selected on their academic scores along with their final year project. They are well trained and are offered with the applicable posts, minimum salary for the graduate’s ranges from 25k to 30k per month. There are number of biotech companies both in government and private sector, which will provide training followed by the placement, once we get qualified and will be rewarded.

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