List of Top 10 MSc / PhD Entrance Examinations in India 2018 | Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology:

Biotechnology is mixing the use of living systems and organisms to make products and combine this development in a step-forward technological application.

One can find biotech virtually everywhere: in breakfast cereal, coffee filters, aspirin, climbing ropes, camping gear, and vitamins.

Most of the processed food items available in the supermarket are the product of biotechnology.

A degree in biotechnology will help to fetch a career in research & development and manufacturing of the vast product lines.

The range of programs offered is immense.

Some programs focus on making skilled workers, researchers, managers, and laboratory technicians while others help a student pursue doctorates and post-doctoral work.

Thinking about the careers opportunities in biotechnology, most of us think of a scientist in a white coat in a laboratory generating and evolving drugs to improve the quality of life.

However, biotechnology has a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from sales and marketing to research and development, in contrast to our caged thoughts.

The biotech sector is expanding very rapidly across the globe.

The total number of biotechnology companies is increasing worldwide, but also the employment opportunities are growing continually, but a question arises in the mind of every undergraduate and graduate that WHERE THIS INDUSTRY IS FLOURISHING?

As for college graduates, they do not find any career opportunities.

To end up all the confusion and mind-boggling thoughts of your minds here is the article.

If you are in view of a career in the biotechnology arena, you have to answer two question to yourself: Do you like thinking about living beings? And what segments of the economy can you see yourself working in? Responding to these questions will help you toward selecting the correct career path.

Before discussing the careers, let’s understand the degree option available.

A degree in biotechnology is not a one-way ticket into a lab coat.

Your career in biotechnology is really hooked on your peak level of education you have accomplished.

Occasionally, one may find an entry-level biotech job that only demands a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, but one should go on to complete your Ph.D. if he or she aspire to move up in this field.

Types of Biotechnology Degrees

There are five types of programs: Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., and Dual degree programs. Here’s an overview of these programs.

Certificate Degrees in Biotechnology

Most certificate programs usually take a year or less to complete and are intensive on the particular educational track. There are two types of certificate programs:

  • Those designed for students who have earned their Bachelor’s degree but didn’t get all the suggested courses to move into a biotech occupation.
  • Those designed for students who have finished their graduate studies and need specific training.

Associate Degrees in Biotechnology

The Associate degree in biotechnology makes students transfer into the bachelor’s degree program.

Though some employers will accept students who have only the Associate degree, many entry-level jobs do require the four-year education.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Biotechnology

For most entry-level jobs Bachelor’s degree is essential.

It typically takes three to four years to complete and offers some opportunities for gaining expertise through the use of electives under the biotechnology umbrella.

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Master’s Degree in Biotechnology

The master’s in biotechnology degree lets students develop their knowledge through a focused curriculum.

It usually takes two to three years to complete, depending upon the program.

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Best Master Programs in BioSciences in Europe

Ph.D. Degree in Biotechnology

The doctorate is the zenith of the biotechnology field and offers students enough broad autonomy when choosing a novel research project and focus of study.

Those who intend to work with in-depth research or move into academics will need to earn the Ph.D. as this degree opens up more avenues both in India and worldwide.

The doctoral program usually takes between three and four years to complete, though some schools permit up to eight years for completion of the dissertation.

A Ph.D. degree gives the ability to start own research lab, become a professor or head of the department in universities or lead a team of investigators.

If the goal is to create a niche for yourself in Biotechnology, then best is to go for a Ph.D. degree.

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List of Top 10 PhD Entrance Examinations in India 2018 | Top PhD Admissions in India

Here we have compiled a list of top PhD Entrance Examinations, and we hope that this list will be beneficial to the students.

Sr. No.National Level Entrance Examinations for PhD programmes in IndiaExaminations
1CSIR UGC NETJune | December
2DBT JRFFebruary
5GS 2018 TIFRNovember / May
7JNU PhD EntranceMay
9NIPER PhD Entrance ExamJune
10GTU PhD Entrance ExamApril
11University of Hyderabad PhD Entrance ExamJune
12IISc PhD Entrance ExamApril
13AIIMS PhD Entrance ExamJanuary | July
14BITS Pilani PhD Entrance ExaminationJune | July
15NBRC PhD Entrance ExaminationMay
16NDRI PhD Entrance ExaminationJune
17BARC PhD Admission TestFebruary
18IARI PhD Entrance ExaminationApril
19IISER Mohali PhD ProgramNo entrance exam. DBT, ICMR, CSIR qualified can apply
20BINCFebruary / March
21IVRI Bareilly PhD Admission TestMay
22IITB-Monash Research AcademyMarch (No entrance exam – GATE qualified can apply)
23PhD Program 2016 Admission @ National Institute of PathologyFeb (No entrance exam – DBT, ICMR, CSIR qualified can apply)
24PhD Programmes @ Indian Institute of Technology, RoorkeeMarch (No entrance exam)
25Admissions open for Joint Masters and PhD Programs @ Amrita UniversityMay
26Admission Notification for MSc / M Tech / PhD @ Tezpur UniversityEntrance exam
27NIV PhD Admission 2016 | Biotechnology, MicrobiologyMarch (No entrance exam)

List of Top 10 MSc Entrance Examinations in India 2018 | Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology | Top MSc Admissions in India

Here we have compiled a list of top MSc/MTech Entrance Examinations, and we hope that this list will be beneficial to the students.

  1. IIT JAM 2018 | Joint Admission Test for MSc Biotechnology 2018
  2. JNU CEEB Combined Entrance Examination for MSc Biotechnology 2018
  3. AIIMS MSc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  4. PhD / MSc Graduate School Admissions (GS 2018) | Entrance Exam @ TIFR
  5. AIEEA 2018 | ICAR AIEEA PG All India Entrance Exam
  6. IBAB MSc Biotech Entrance Exam @ Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology, Bengaluru
  7. Admission Notification for MSc in Human Disease Genetics | Centre for Human Genetics
  8. Alagappa University M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  9. Anna University Biotech Entrance Examination
  10. BHU M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance exam
  11. Amity Institute of Biotechnology Entrance Examination
  12. Central University Biotechnology Entrance Exam, CUCET Entrance Exam
  13. Bharathiyar University Entrance Exam for Biotech
  14. Christian Medical College (CMC, Vellore) Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  15. Faculty of Life Sciences and Environment, Goa University Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  16. Common Entrance Test For Biotech Course Admission at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University 
  17. JNTU MSc Biotech Entrance Exam
  18. Himachal Pradesh University M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  19. IIT JAM Chennai Biotech entrance exam
  20. IIT JAM Delhi Biotech entrance exam
  21. University of Mysore M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  22. University of Delhi Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  23. University of Madras M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  24. Kasturba Medical College PG Medical Entrance Exam
  25. Jamia Hamdard University M.Tech Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  26. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Combined Biotech Entrance Examination
  27. Madurai Kamaraj University Msc Biotech Entrance Exam
  28. Karnataka University Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  29. Osmania University Hyderabad M.Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  30. Kurukshetra University Biotechnology Entrance Exam
  31. MS University of Baroda Biotechnology Entrance Exam

Please have a look and suggest us if we have missed any important examinations in the List of Top 10 MSc PhD Entrance Examinations in India by commenting below.

First published on 6th March 2017

Updated on 15th May 2018

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